What Is Corrective Motion Therapy

Many patients have asked us about our unique program called Corrective Motion Therapy (or CMT). We developed Corrective Motion Therapy for patients seeking relief from chronic pain related to a previous sport or work injury, car accidents, slips and falls, and even bad posture.

The program is easy to follow and most importantly is effective at alleviating discomfort in the muscles and joints of your body. CMT helps to stabilize and correct your posture, allow for proper movement and re-establish flexibility to get you back to a healthy active lifestyle. It’s also very beneficial for people not in chronic pain, who just want to improve their fitness and avoid injury.

Our CMT specific programs are research-based and are designed to help you safely improve your flexibility, stability, and strength to provide relief of pain allowing you to return to your active lifestyle.

Find out more about our in-home therapy and fitness programs using Corrective Motion to train your body to move properly, improve stability, build strength and relieve pain. Click here to book a free assessment.