How to Relieve Pain When Driving

Welcome to your 90-second Health Tip. In this video, we give you some tips and tricks to relieving back pain while driving.

Most people position their seat incorrectly, which causes stress and strain on various parts of the body. Typically, people tend to lean towards the center console and drop their shoulder. This shortens the muscles on the side of your body that is nearest the console, and lengthens the muscles on the opposite side of your body. Another thing people do is drive with their seat too far back, which stretches your arms. This puts strain on your shoulder muscles, rounds your lower back and tilts your hips backwards. And many people also angle their accelerator foot towards the console, which tightens the muscles in your hip and puts pressure on your glutes and lower back.

These tips and tricks will help you fix your driving posture and relieve the aches and pains you are feeling.

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